Coronavirus Lockdown Day Two – I find an axe and some dry gunpowder

Today I resisted the urge to return to the shipwreck, which still lies firmly on the reef just some hundred yards offshore.
To say that I lacked the energy for the trip would not be completely accurate since in truth, the beach is littered with the washed-up remains of my fellow shipmates and through the lens of my telescope I was able to spot the shattered body of the ship’s captain still lashed to the foremast alongside the limp form of the ships dog.
I confess I found this sight to be too much for my already overwhelmed senses and will hold off until the ghastly remains are claimed by the sea before venturing out to salvage what little remains on-board. In any case, there is ample treasure to salvage onshore. A washed-up wooden chest revealed a still dry supply of gun-powder and a tea-chest from the ships hold contained both an ample supply of flour and sufficient yeast to make a sourdough starter.
Both items will I think aid my chances of survival. That is of course should I continue to embrace that goal over the coming days and weeks.

There was also both a saw and a small axe washed up on the low tide line. God only knows how these items floated ashore. But I can only thank providence since they may provide the means for me to make both some rudimentary shelter and perhaps a small canoe with which to re-visit the wreck in search of both tools and sustenance. Indeed, God willing, I may use these to construct some sort of sea-going raft with which to gain escape from this ghastly place of solitude.

If truth be told however, I am in despair at my isolation. Indeed, if I were not a Christian, I might well find other uses for both the axe and the gunpowder.

All I need now is a suitable name for the parrot.

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