Coronavirus Lockdown Day Four – I shoot the goat and rename the parrot

When I awoke today at first light my fever had completely and miraculously vanished and, despite the rigours of the past few days, I felt able to eat and drink a little from my meagre store of salvaged provisions which consist mainly of a damaged water barrel and some soggy ships biscuits.
The water however tasted brackish and even the parrot declined to take more than a beak full of wet biscuit. We must find more sustenance and soon!

Also, in the cold light of day, I have decided that Gertrude is not a good name for a parrot and will henceforth address her, if indeed she is a she, as Molly.

Quite what made me consider calling her Gertrude eludes me now that I am clearer in thought and I can only assume that it was down to my fevered state of mind.
Mid-morning, I again scoured the beach for salvage and was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon an intact timber box containing what must surely be the first mates set of engraved pistols. Undamaged and complete with both flints and lead shot, these should come in handy both for hunting prey and, god forbid, for self-defence should the need arise.

Whilst examining this latest find I was startled by a hideous bleating from my rear. Imagining danger, I turned swiftly and took aim at what turned out to be the goat. Providentially, he was unaware that my two newfound pistols were not loaded and he halted mere yards away to take stock whereupon I dropped the pistols and grabbed the loaded rifle which I had found on day one of my unexpected island adventure.
I then took the best aim I could given the difficult circumstances and shot him straight between the eyes.

He fell instantly dead at my feet. But I am now covered completely in gore and urgently need to construct both a campfire on which to cook the beast and find some means to cleanse what now remains of my outer garments.

All in all, however, Thursday – for that is what day it is, unless I am perhaps still mildly fevered and confused, has been a decent sort of day.

God willing, I may yet live to see Friday. Unless of course, I am getting ahead of myself.

Duncan Harley is a writer and blogger living in the Garioch. His books are available from Amazon. Just search for Duncan Harley in the Amazon search box. Signed copies are available @ Inverurie Whisky Shop.


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