Coronavirus Lockdown Day One – I make a shocking discovery

This fending for oneself in a tropical paradise is one thing, but I now need to keep track of time before it runs out or indeed, I go utterly and completely bonkers. For this purpose, I have erected a driftwood timber cross at the north end of the island to record the date of my arrival on this foreign shore. I will, if I am able, cut a single notch each day so as to record the passing of time prior to my rescue from this ghastly place of solitude.
Today, in the absence of both bread and meat, I feasted on fermented coconuts. There is an abundance of them on the foreshore. In fact, so many that if one were not careful, they might well prove fatal since if one was to suffer even a glancing blow from a falling fruit, death might well result. Oddly, there is a warning sign advising of the danger.

I may have eaten too many of them however since I imagined in my sleep that the Virgin Mary had delivered me from both this place and that my original sins – the gathering of slaves, were forgiven. It may just have been a hallucination however, but I am not completely sure.

I intend to head out tomorrow to survey the south end of the island in the hope of finding answers.
I might be completely mistaken, but I may well have stumbled across a human footprint down by the beach. I will investigate further later in the week. Perhaps on Friday but weather dependant.

Meantime, I have made friends with the parrot and am optimistic regarding the goat relationship.
I am both shocked and intrigued by the coconut sign however.

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