Dame Evelyn Glennie with Trio HLK @ Aberdeen Music Hall - By Duncan Harley with thanks to Rachel Campbell/APA

Percussionist Evelyn Glennie has performed worldwide with international orchestras, conductors and artists and fondly remembers her first percussion concerto at The Proms in 1992.
She recalls “My first experience with percussion was seeing and being inspired by my school orchestra at the age of 12. I knew I needed something else to go alongside my piano playing, which was my main instrument at the time. It was an inexplicable feeling but as soon as I saw the percussion section, I knew this was the family I belonged to”.

Double GRAMMY award winner and BAFTA nominee Evelyn nowadays composes music for film, television and music library companies. The film ‘Touch the Sound’ and her enlightening TED speech remain key testimonies to her approach to sound-creation.

Made an OBE in 1993 she has received some 100 international awards to date, including the Polar Music Prize and the Companion of Honour. Evelyn continues to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life. Her masterclasses and consultations are designed to guide the next generation.

Trio HLK is the union of three distinct, forward thinking musical personalities. At the centre sits drum and percussion virtuoso Richard Kass. Accompanying him, guitarist Ant Law plays a bespoke extended range electric guitar with 8 strings and a variety of effects, creating ambience and sonorities while at the helm, sits classical pianist and composition mastermind Richard Harrold.

A belief in the high art of improvisation and intrigue with the infinite art and science of rhythm is what brings H, L and K together. Together they address ambitious improvisational frameworks which often resemble contemporary classical music more than jazz.

HLK’s music rewrites jazz standards, introduces improvisation, rhythmic and harmonic tricks to deliver an explosive interactive tour de force. Add Evelyn Glennie to the mix, and the evening promises to be sensational indeed.

The concert takes place this Sunday, March 24 at 7.30pm @ Aberdeen Music Hall


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