The Clack of Cricket - by Duncan Harley

When I first moved to the capital of the Garioch I was warned by a Tesco checkout operative that George Square was a noisy place to be.

Backing on to the Academy playing-fields the AB51 post-code seemingly attracted screaming lunchtime children and lost cricket balls into the adjoining gardens.

I recall saying something like “I really like the sound of children enjoying themselves, after all I was once one myself.”

The till operative seemed bemused at my reply and has since been retired – or so I am led to believe.

I did enjoy the daily spectre of lost balls and, on occasion even got to throw them back into the field at the bottom of my garden. In fact, on one occasion, a trio of enthusiastic cricketers rang the front door-bell intent on retrieving the object of their desire.

“Is it ok if we go into your garden to look for our ball” they asked.
“Of course, go for it!” came the reply. I have not seen the lads since and hope that they both found the ball and made it back to the sports field in time to defeat the opponent of the day.

As for those supermarket shelves. I am led to believe that the Big-four giant is taking on the might of the German discounters. Not that you would see many signs of it at Tesco Central in the Garioch though.

Prices leap at the gallop and I am often amazed at the cheek of it. Even Lucy’s packs of cat-friendly chicken thigh have leapt some 16% during the past week and those disgusting school-dinner style tinned potatoes sell at 67p when, just down the road at Lidl they are available at almost half the price.

Then there are the overpriced softies. Usually over-floured and hard as a donkey’s dick, the packs of six retail at a stunning 75p compared to a much nicer wholemeal version from Morrisons at around the same price. I know which I will be buying.

Oh, and George Square is still a nice place to live despite the noise which emanates from the construction site at the end of my garden and the shouting of slogans from those splendidly over-voiced rugby lads at Kellands Park.  Noise cancelling headphones are on order via Amazon and I look forward to the gentle clack of cricket in the autumn.

Nuff said perhaps.

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