Number 9 - by Duncan Harley

Accused by a Tesco checkout operative of having a 'senior moment’ following an attempt to press the number 9 on her checkout keypad I remonstrated.

“The number nine doesn’t work” I said.
“try again” she said.
“it still doesn’t work”
“Give it another go and see what happens”

This time the keypad took the number and the shopping was duly paid for.

“The keypad does have a problem” I told her. “I mean it really is old and worn so no wonder that the nine is knackered. If I was you I would report it. I mean, it might be the eight next and then the seven.”

“Maybe you’re having a senior moment” she said as she ducked and covered behind the corporate barrier.

All well and good then. But in the big scheme of things I prefer the uncaring anonymity of Lidl or that big Morrisons up at Burghmuir. At least the keypads work and the uncaring folk behind the tills don’t condescend the customers.

There is more @: The History Press  and of course the Beatles did it better at Number 9


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