Mama Mia - Here we go again

We had a wee gander around Stonehaven at the weekend before gadding off to the new Mama Mia blockbuster.

Unexpected rain meant that the queue at the Bay Chipper was a mere 17 minutes which was fine since queuing in a thunderstorm can be a complete pain.

As an aside, the harbour was empty of water but full of boats and spiked lightning.

As the lightening flashed the countdown went from 20 miles to under two, at which point we sped off to Garthdee to watch an episode of Метод. It’s a kind of Russian adaptation of Dexter. Slightly disturbing – well very disturbing if truth be told, I have no idea how it will end although there are dark hints that the main character Rodion Meglin may be a serial vigilante.

As for Mama Mia Two. It’s not at all bad apart from the strange lack of a coherent timeline.

The hiring of a heavily made-up Cher as Meryl Streep’s mum is probably the cause of it all. With a mere three years between the pair of them – Cher is circa 72 and Meryl is seemingly 69 – the script-writers were no doubt left with a splendidly insufferable quandary. Go with the flow or go on the dole.

Having said that, the film did put a smile on an otherwise rainy day and by the end, the lady next to Janice was bubbling at the fluffy pinkness of it all.


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