Lucy's Tomboy

Despite her advanced age, Lucy is not a difficult cat. Easy enough to look after and supremely affectionate,  she mainly sleeps in the shed nowadays.

Natasha, a local cat walker, sees to her when I am away and in the big scheme of things Lucy seems reasonably happy with her lot.

Until last year, she over-summered in a Chinese neighbour’s garden. Replete with Rose Bay Willow Herb the cat space suited her until after council warnings and dark nods from the folk on the street, said Chinese trampled the fireweed down and now dry damp clothes above Lucy’s summer-laden-cat-space. I, and most folk in the street were bemused when, alongside trampling the Fireweed and the Dandelions, the neighbours stripped the Holly and the Rhododendron bushes of greenery. Perhaps they are frightened of Pandas.

They left the Fuchsia bush and the Leylandii intact however, but I have no idea why since we do not speak because of the weeds and in fact that they are off my Christmas card list due to the chucking of garden rubbish over the fence – I kid you not.

Anyway, I digress as always. Lucy now has a friend and I am wondering if a toy-boy romance is on the horizon.

A neighbour’s tom appeared at the garden gate last week and she seemed reserved but interested. He seems nice and looks quite friendly in a cat sort of way.

He calls round regularly after I am asleep and she seems pleased as punch in the morning.
A feline romance seems to be on the horizon.

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