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The last time I witnessed a Flying Pigs production was in far off 2016. Titled Dreich Encounter it failed to disappoint and I recall penning the immortal words “Father Ted meets Ivor Cutler utterly fails to describe this production adequately … reminiscent of Cutler’s Glasgow classic “Life in a Scotch Sitting Room”, [Flying Pigs] gently parody the folk memories of the North east.”

Not much has happened to alter my opinion and this year’s splendidly polished offering features around thirty of what Flying Pigs term their best glaikit hits.

Entitled Now That’s What I Call Methlick, and incorporating classic sketches involving the likes of Hilton John, The Bakery Wifies plus of course Mither: Nasal Hair, the show takes the form of a musical comedy/sketch review of all things Aberdonian.

The opening set comprises classic numbers from The Buckie Drifters. As Craig Pike enthuses about his shingles a tartan-trewed backing group launch into a splendidly Doric doo-wop rendering of Under the Doctor. Hilton John takes to the stage not long afterwards with offerings such as Goodbye Fountainhall Road and Midstocketman. Then the sketches begin in earnest. Aberdeen Pavement Dances, The Liar, Archie and Davie, Air Stewards and Human Resources take to the stage closely followed by Meikle Wartle TV and Eddie’s Woes. Indeed, all of the classics are there and, on the night, there were no polite chuckles – the theatre audience were more inclined towards extreme belly laughs.

In amongst the comedy there are a few hard-hitting political jibes and predictably Trump takes a kicking alongside Scot Rail and, of course, the council. Less predictably, Lord Provost Barney Crocket took a hit, but then it was all in the best possible taste and it may well be that he had been sitting in the front row.

Generally hilarious and genuinely entertaining this latest Flying Pig Productions offering is a must see. A highlight is of course The Doric A-Z. Flanders and Swann in form, a six-foot-two Robbie Shepherd takes to the stage alongside a quintessentially English Noël Coward to perform a panto-styled ditty. It’s a splendid example of highly inventive musical comedy chic and pretty much had the audience rolling about in the aisles.
Praise the Pigs and pass the butteries please.

Now That’s What I call Methlick plays at HMT Aberdeen until Saturday June 30th.
Tickets from Aberdeen Performing Arts Tel: 01224- 641122
Words © Duncan Harley and Images © APA

Duncan Harley is the author of The A-Z of Curious Aberdeenshire - Published by The History Press at £12.99 and available from Amazon and Inverurie Whisky Shop.


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