Sondheim - writers are such fools really

The writing of words is such a learning curve. And the publishing of words is at best fraught. I have said this before and will no doubt say it again, but that moment when the send button is pressed is such a bastard. Once the words have gone to wherever words go, the power and control has been given to another. An editor probably, and an overly pedantic editor might just be on the horizon. Or would it just be a friend intent on sorting out the mixed-up rhetoric. I have met both. Well, when I say met, I mean something much less. Since, some of the unmet editorial influences have been disastrous to say the least. And some of the met have been similar. Mind you, and on balance, those whom I have taken tea with have mainly excelled and taken good care of my words and intents. Leopard, Aberdeen Voice, Northern Scot are but to name but a few.
Today, I was set to do battle with a new foe. Invited to review a Sondheim musical I was faced with a multitude of wordily issues via an unknown digital editor. Composition, inflection and the order of prose is of course mine as is the order of words and I will never ever willingly give over control of those to another. If I need to place a comma or a full-stop after some alliteration or other then I will do so. If I feel an urge to follow a noun with a dash then so be it. Grammar is a matter for speculation and in the big picture the grammar of today, alongside the spelling of today’s words, is the detritus of tomorrow’s old dictionary. Bring in the new.
Well at least that’s how I see it anyway.So, prepared to do battle, I fluffed up and took on a stance with a new theatre review site today. I shouldn’t have really bothered. After a brief flurry of rules and bluster, the site editor published my piece in full alongside a relevant image or two. All she really needed were some meta-tags and some semblance of normality. More fool me for expecting the worst I suppose. Writers are such fools really. Editors are probably well used to the storm.

The review, for what its worth, is about a Sondheim musical. And if you need to read it, it’s at:
It’s a good read although I would say that, wouldn’t I.


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