Inebriated geese near the coastal town of Banff

That’s the second edition of the book both printed and delivered to both my doorstep and of course to bookstores all around the globe.
Hopefully this second printing will sell out just as fast as the first edition. I calculate that it took just a smidgeon over 2,467 hours and seventeen minutes to pen the book but only around 18 days for it to completely sell-out. Work out the math.
The Amazon rankings seem to suggest that, for part of today at least, my book is number seven in the category ‘history, Scotland’ and number 44 in the category ‘folklore and legends, United Kingdom’. Well that can’t be bad surely. Mind you, the rankings change by the hour seemingly so I may be only a shining prince for a day. That shiny yellow Lamborghini looks to be within grasping distance, albeit in Dinky Toy format.
As for the rest of today? Well I bought a chicken from a well-known supermarket outlet – ostensibly for my pet cat Lucy. It was only £2-10 and came already roasted. Not that I am particularly poor you understand, but I do like a good bargain. Why oh why roast a bird when for a couple of quid, you can get one pre-cooked and ready to eat. Lucy is of course impressed and I, for my part, am preparing gravy. Oh, and a fellow author was in touch to say that her debut novel is under consideration by a total of eleven publishers. How cool is that.
There are no particular mentions of supermarket chickens in my A-Z of Curious Aberdeenshire, but I do refer on at least one occasion to some inebriated geese near the coastal town of Banff.
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