Banksy-like Loyal Corrections by PK

A loyal friend has subbed my work over the years. Alongside a good few splendid editors along the way, he has stuck by me for whatever reason and has often kindly suggested changes to my words. Banksy-like he is known only as PK, and has been kind enough to suggest changes to my recent book also.
Sadly, and I say this smilingly, the book is almost sold-out and is on a fast-track to a re-print. February 8 is new publication day and Macmillan Distribution assure me that all outstanding orders will be fulfilled shortly afterwards. What a relief; and indeed, what an honour.
And that’s great. Except, of course, the subbed text and the thankfully very occasional howlers will remain unchanged until the revised 3rd edition which is due out sometime before summer.
In the best possible taste and with a stereotypically familiar nod – whatever that may mean - to those, including Paul, who have pointed out the errors of my pen, here is a small selection of the corrections:

‘A-Z of Curious Aberdeenshire – by Duncan Harley
More typos for correction:
P12 para 3: 10,000ft should read 10,000 ft
p13 para 2: delete comma after Among
p29 para 2: change ruins to ruin
p35 para 2: delete the ‘ mark after the words: the man as (there is no quotation here.
P96 para 4 line 5: remove the entire phrase: ,possibly by King Robert the Bruce,
p116 para 2: remove the word: and on line 3 to read ‘engineers, now form part of …’
p133 para 1 line 1: remove comma after: Crovie
p147 last line: should be 1754-1763
p152 and p153 – Maugham has been variously misspelled as Maughan (6 instances)
p153 para 2 line 6: Nordrach is misspelled as Nordach’

Please forgive me, of course, for my wordsmitherly sins. I did not mean to mislead and, of course, the typo’s have a habit of creeping in. Who, after all, can hold sixty thousand words between their ears without a few sneaky errors creeping into the text.
Is there even such a word as wordsmitherly?

More at: The A-Z of Curious Aberdeenshire


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